Penang, Malaysia is a true melting pot of cultures from around Southeast Asia. Here, visitors can experience not only unique sights from East Asian cultures, but there are still signs left of colonies created by European settlers hundreds of years prior. For anyone planning on spending time here, it is important to understand what is around the Penang hotel.

Penang might be one of the top food destinations in the entire world. While it is often overlooked by Singapore to the south, there are so many merging styles here that make it an amazing location to experience. From flavours and spices from China, Indonesia, Thailand and around the region, it all comes to a point here. Best of all, it is possible to enjoy this amazing food from street vendors and restaurants alike, although it really isn’t a trip to Penang without dining at some of the street carts.

Stone forest

Sights From Around the World

When visitors think of Southeast Asia, they probably don’t picture Dutch windmills. However, that is exactly what they will find throughout the island. There are some incredible displays of Dutch colonies and some of the remaining buildings are truly out of the ordinary but beautiful. It is an interesting juxtaposition that most individuals simply never are able to experience on their own. That is exactly why it is necessary to not just stick around the local Penang hotel promotion but to also look at what all the island is able to offer and the unique experiences that not only are not found in other countries around the region, but in other areas of Malaysia itself.

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Taking the Ferry

Most travellers are going to come to Penang through the ferry ride over. At the end of the train station route there is a ferry ride. This ferry ride brings visitors over to the island. From there, it is possible to walk to many highlights directly, or cabs are available to pick travellers up from the dock and to bring them to the hotel. For visitors coming at night, it is important to contact the hotel and have them set up a car to pick them up. Depending on the time of night, many of the cabs are not around for pickup. It is important to give names while making this request, otherwise other travellers are likely to take the taxi for themselves. For visitors looking to walk, down the main road from the ferry dock and to the left is a very large collection of street food vendors. It is highly recommended to check it out and just see what everyone is able to offer. Plus it smells amazing here.

Bike Rickshaw Tours

One of the best ways to get around and to see the city is through a bike rickshaw tour. This is where a single tour guide rides his bike while one or two passengers ride in the cart behind him or her. There are tours designed for showing off the city, including the famous leaning cathedral.