Many people around Singapore have turned to yoga and meditation so that they can cope with the stressful demands experienced in the millennial mainstream. With a combination of both yoga and meditation, many people find inner peace, immense joy and happiness, allowing them to escape the clutches of a stressful life. By combining a variety of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and deep meditation, a person should find inner peace and cope with this challenging world more with ease.

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Below is a handy guide on how people can meditate peacefully while doing yoga.

  1. Relax with yoga postures

Yoga is the beginning part of the meditation exercise. What follows next is the combination of both the breathing and relaxing of the mind. Tapping into the deep, inner part of the energy is crucial when performing any series of meditation. This allows your body, mind, and breath to come in rhythm, channeling each to the source of life deep within. To begin, start with some stretches and yoga postures to make the body light and stable. Follow this with some deep “ujjayi” breaths before jumping to the next stage.

  1. Calm the mind with breathing exercises

After long series of breathing exercises, you should be able to calm your mind. You should start to notice the impulsive episodes of thoughts becoming blurred and vanishing into oblivion. This means the mind is usually devoid of all mundane pattern of thoughts. In the end, you should be able to achieve a more focused and clear mind that can execute tasks faster than before.

  1. And finally, slowly slip into meditation

Now because the body is stable and the mind is clear of all thoughts, it’s time to slowly slip into deep meditation. Allow your mind to shut down and shift into a state of meditation effortlessly, without trying to force or cheat yourself to meditation. Don’t even try to block any dream-like episodes you might be going through. After the mind becomes quieter and undisturbed, you’ll find yourself much in control of things and full of inner peace in the end.

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In essence, the high levels of stress and tiredness people experience in the workplace every day often make them impatient, unhappy and much frustrated. Even though it’s possible to find inner peace through other means, none can produce better results than those acquired through the combination of both yoga and meditation. These exercises allow you to feel much relaxed, content, and truly grateful for discovering a peaceful new world full of bliss. A simple 10-15 minute yoga and breathing meditation exercise are all you need to overcome your stress and yield other huge benefits. Follow the handy tips shared in this guide to see how the mix of both yoga and meditation exercises can dramatically change your life.

Wondering where to do yoga in Singapore? Depending on the area you’re staying, ask the locals around. You can even look up the top yoga centers around online to start pursuing your journey to happiness and deep tranquility.