Malaysia is one of the countries in South Asia which is well-known for its beautiful islands and diverse cultures. Malaysia is popular for its beautiful beaches, rainforests and an array of influences. Kuala Lumpur is its capital and it is a home to colonial buildings and the iconic 451m tall Petronas Twin Towers. Its currency is Malaysian ringgit.

Reasons to visit Malaysia

If you are thinking of going for a holiday, then think Malaysia. You will not be disappointed because it has impressive sights. Its main ethnic groups are Malaysians, Chinese and Indians. As a traveller, you have a lot to choose from, from an array of food options to beautiful sceneries. If you love nature, Malaysia has various national parks. Malaysians are friendly so while you are there, go right ahead and create a conversation with them. After all, the point of travelling is to socialize with various cultures.

Malaysia travel taboo

• When you are visiting Malaysia, avoid passing any object over their heads because they consider it as the most consecrated part of the body.
• Women should not hand a monk something or brush against their robes. If that happens, even accidentally, they fast and perform cleansing rituals.

Top things to see in Malaysia

Dive at the Perhentian Islands. They are well-known for divers and snorkelers because crystalline waters that surround the islands host reef fish, coral, small sharks, and sea turtles.
Make sure you hike Mount Kinabalu National Park to enjoy outstanding universal values. The hiking through the national park will be fantastic. Mount Kota Kinabula is the tallest mountain in Malaysia.
Do not miss out the showcases of Malaysian heritage at Sarawak Culture Village. Aside from cultural experience in this village, you will enjoy other fun activities like traditional dance lessons, coconut bowling, and blowpipe shooting.
If you visit Spot wildlife, you will enjoy seeing land and water wildlife. You are certain to see some of the endangered animals in the world. At the Spot wildlife, you will see Orangutans, Sumatran Rhinos, Monitor Lizards and Malaysian Tigers.

Do not forget to ride a trishaw. It is a unique form of transport in Melaka. They are simple bike taxis with wild decorations and some play techno music.

A visit to the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands would be worthwhile. You get to visit factories where you learn production processes. Alternatively, you can just relax and enjoy a hot cup of tea.

How to get to Malaysia and where to stay

There is an array of transportation modes that are used to travel to Malaysia. You can get here by plane; if you book in advance, you will enjoy cheap rates. Alternatively, you can use buses and trains if you want to save.

It is important that you research thoroughly on available, affordable and best accommodation resorts in Malaysia before you travel there like the Penang hotel. Do not forget to book hotels in advance to enjoy attractive Penang hotel promotion. Contact them and understand the services they offer. You can get their contacts from their websites.